April 18, 2023

Enko Media Fact Sheet

Enko Facts and Figures

Media Contact: karin.whiting-burgess@enko.ag

content updated: February 2, 2024

At Enko we believe that to create the future the world wants, we need to change the way the world grows. Our goal is not just to create something better, but to play a part in something bigger. Enko discovers and develops novel products for farmers to protect their crops from pests and disease.

Our agricultural invention platform, Enkompass™, uses DNA encoded libraries, A.I. and machine learning to create more effective ways of finding and selecting the right treatments for the right targets – faster than anyone thought possible. Led by a team of proven scientists, entrepreneurs, and industry veterans, Enko’s innovative science, agile design, and discovery of new modes of action is producing next-generation crop protection solutions that will overcome the critical challenges facing the farming industry. Enko is changing the way the world grows.


  • Our products address a $60 billion core market focused on crop health with expansion into adjacent markets worth $300+ billion.
  • We have $150 million in capitalization, with $80 million raised as part of a Series C in July 2022.
  • We have 50 target programs in our pipeline and 5 strategic partnerships, including with Syngenta, Bayer, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Our headquarters and research facility is 89,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs and computer-controlled greenhouses built for pre-field experimentation and scale. Our full campus is 15.63 acres.

Company: Enko Chem, Inc.

Website: Enko.ag

Established: 2017

Employees: 50

Location:  62 Maritime Drive, Mystic, CT 06355 USA

Leadership Team:

Jacqueline Heard, Ph.D., MBA, Founder & CEO

Tom Meade Ph.D., Chief Science Officer

David Wurzer, Chief Financial Officer

Peter Stchur, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Portfolio

Stephanie Liva, Ph.D., JD, General Counsel

Natalie Arden, VP Human Resources, Business Partner

Our Team, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board

Enko earns World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer status:  2021

Enko joins the World Economic Forum's Innovator Communities as a Global Innovator: 2023

Enko earns the International Trade Council's 2023 GoGlobal AgTech award.

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