Peter Stchur Jr.
Michael Luethy
Research Fellow
Daniel Pearson
IP Manager
Paolo Castiglioni
Field Biologist
Kumar Ashtekar
Principal Scientist, Chemistry
Nathan Harms
Data Scientist
Brian Gibbons
Technical Leader, Protein Science
Saverio Varca
Accounting Manager
Jacqueline Heard
Founder and CEO
Lisa Butler
Lab and Data Management Coordinator
Neville Anthony
Research Fellow
Nicole Nevarez
Research Assistant
Tom Meade
Chief Science Officer
Gary Schaefer
Vice President, Corporate Development
David Wurzer
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Stchur
Vice President, Operations
Cristina Veranian
Accounting & Operations Associate
Heather Coffey
Scientist, Biochemistry
Michaela Motta
Office Manager
Sonny Smith
Finance Manager
David Lauffer
Research Fellow
Balaji Pandian
Scientist, Herbicide Discovery
Katrin Ayer
Scientist, Fungicide Discovery
Lynne Reuber
Principal Scientist, Fungicide Discovery
Karthik Putta
Sr Scientist, Herbicide Discovery
Elizabeth Vuono
Scientist, Protein Biochemistry
Brittany Baisch
Regulatory Toxicology Lead
Tim Colussi
Data Scientists
Nancy Houmard
Research Assistant
Allegra Bargnesi
Research Assistant
Eric Morris
Greenhouse Tech
Jennifer Lynch
Horticulture Associate
Tim Panosian
Sr. Director, Discovery Sciences